Why ATLAS? Construction At It’s Best


At Atlas Construction, we provide you the best services fitting your project needs, with steady delivery and at a reasonable cost. Atlas Construction has been operating in Denver, Colorado since 2010 and has gained the reputation as the best choice for all your asphalt, concrete and residential repair needs.

What should you look for in a Denver construction company? At the very least, you want to look for a team who is going to:

1. Get the job done right.
2. Perform in a timely manner.
3. Reasonably charge.
4. Work with you and your needs.

Awesome, we already do all that and much more. You may be asking, there’s more? Yes, there is! We are not just Atlas Construction. We’re Construction at it’s Best.
So, why choose Atlas?

1. We employ advanced construction techniques.
In comparison to other Denver-based companies, at Atlas Construction, we employ the latest and greatest techniques to ensure your project is done right to last longer.

One such technique is our Thermo-Lay Asphalt Machine. This highly modern, efficient equipment allows us to do all our asphalt repair with one truck and two people. It’s the fastest and most efficient method available utilizing less labor and resources.
Through this machine, we also promise superior repair work. The Thermo-Lay asphalt machine keeps the asphalt at an even, constant temperature. These techniques are faster and cost a significant less amount than another company performing the same project.
Our other technique is crack filling. We fill your cracks and alligator cracks with material that’s flexible and strengthens the base layer from moisture exposure which can lead to further cracks and potholes. These larger damages can be more costly and consuming to repair. Taking advantage of our early assessment can help detect and save your asphalt from these problems developing later.
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2. We have extensive expertise for Denver-area services.
As a Colorado-based company, we understand how to work with the dry seasons we experience here and which measures to take for projects to ensure the longevity of the concrete. Services we offer include:

    Concrete Caissons. Retaining structures built for deep foundations and helical piers.
    Post tension slabs. Used on grade and raft foundations.
    Minimum Dead load footings
    Conventional spread footings

We also have great experience in cast-in place concrete construction for foundation and retaining walls, architectural concrete, matt foundations and structural decks.
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3. We extend the life of your asphalt.
We offer maintenance plans to ensure your payment on the life of your concrete.
The process of sealcoating allows us to provide another layer of protection against natural elements on the road, including liquids like water and oil or from UV heat damage. Sealcoat acts as a barrier between these elements and the asphalt. Sealcoating can also act as anti-agent against friction and skid properties on the asphalt.

4. We provide free estimates. Don’t hesitate, get started today. Call us at 303-590-4555.