Fight the Cold: 3 Ways to Protect Your Pavement


Fight the cold! You’ve probably been doing a lot of that lately with the cold weather. Protecting your health, your house, your car. But what about your pavement?
How is it faring this season? Fight the cold with Atlas, as we give you the top 3 ways you can not only protect, but also preserve the life of your asphalt pavement this winter.

Address urgent repairs.
With the cold months arrived and settling in, those repairs you’ve been putting off could soon quickly turn into larger repairs or permanent damages. Think of these areas:

Potholes. Potholes can be caused by large amounts of moisture on the asphalt’s surface, with the addition of water affecting the underlying structure from the supporting soil down to the bottom road soil. Potholes will retain water from weather. The water will pool and expand, enlarging the pothole and its surrounding area. Repairing potholes while they are still new and small can reduce the likeliness of any serious problems.

Cracks. Like potholes, filling cracks in your concrete keeps water from seeping underneath the asphalt surface and filling its base. Read about our repair options.

Sealcoating. Sealcoating protects your asphalt and maintain its integrity and strength by slowing down the oxidation process.* The major benefit is providing safety from the harsh winter weather and change in temperature. It can greatly extend the life of your asphalt and leave it with a clean, fresh appearance. Learn more about Atlas sealcoating options.

Consider professional cleaning.
Another option to think about is hiring a professional cleaner, like a street sweeper to remove snow from your asphalt. This can be especially beneficial if you own a commercial property. Professional cleaners can remove large debris and reveal any vast structural issues.

Employ the right maintenance services.
Lots of maintenance options are available to you, here are a few to consider and some tips while choosing them:
Shovels. Shovels help you quickly and easily clear away snow. Certain shovels are designed with harder edges designed to scrape away at ice and harder material. Make sure though the shovels you are using aren’t damaging your asphalt by chip or scratching the surface.

Snow Removers. Similar to a street sweeper, professional services can be hired to remove snow on your commercial lots, with 24-hour availability and additional services offered including removal of excess snow and delivery of material road mixes.

De-icers. These are materials used as preventative measures against ice forming, creating slippery surfaces. Many different types of deicers are made for different purposes based on temperature and desired results. Knowing the difference is important, to protect your asphalt from erosion.

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*Oxidation is a process that takes place when asphalt is exposed to oxygen and causes its molecules to go through a bonding process where they self-assemble together creating an increasingly tighter bond overtime. The result on the asphalt material is a breakdown of element, causing the pavement to become stiff and brittle. Cracks also develop during the process and the asphalt lightens in color, eventually reaching grey color.