An Atlas Solution for Your Commercial Asphalt


It’s that season again, where the colder months are starting to retreat and the warmer months are coming into view. With improving weather and road conditions, now’s the time to start planning to complete your commercial asphalt projects.  At Atlas, we are ready to help you get your project assessed, estimated and scheduled for the coming months. Which Atlas solution is right for your business?

Solution #1: Sealcoat 

One way to determine yourself what attention your asphalt requires is to consider its surface’s condition. Is the original black color beginning to fade and is the top layer cracking or sinking inward? If so, you may need to sealcoat.
During this process, we apply sealant as another layer of protection to your asphalt. This protects the surface from further damage and also, from natural deterrents including water, oil left on the road and UV heat. The wear and tear of natural and manmade elements greatly can affect the surface of the material. You can think of sealcoat as a barrier against these elements and also an abettor against friction, rust and skid. This process can also greatly extend the life of your asphalt.

Solution #2: Crack Fill

Another solution is filling of cracks in your existing asphalt. During our assessment of your project, we can identify large problem areas, smaller ones such as alligator cracks* and potential areas of cracking. We’ll then fill these with flexible material designed to prevent further diffusion and strengthens the base layer from supplementary damage. You can look at this as a way to preserve your asphalt and save you future expensive maintenance and repair costs.

Solution #3: Striping

You can also consider striping of your asphalt. Especially if your commercial property includes high traffic areas of vehicles and pedestrians, you’d want to consider this option. At Atlas Construction services, we offer a range of customized markings. Do you need to restripe lines in your car lot? Create additional parking spaces? Direct traffic? Add safety precautions? Become ADA compliant? We can assist you with each of these needs.

So, you realize you do need to get going on your commercial project. We recognize that a variety of circumstances call for our expertise. Whether you’re looking to lay, maintain or repair your asphalt, you can trust Atlas to be able and ready to offer quality, reliable service.

Don’t hesitate, we are waiting to hear from you! Get in contact with us. or call 303.330.8322.

*How to repair Alligator Cracks

Asphalt has to be resistant enough so that it will not distort or displace over time with heavy traffic loads and changes in temperature. Alligator cracks are often caused by the burdens put upon the underlying layers of your asphalt. Here’s the process we follow to alleviate damage and restore your concrete:

  1. Inspect the source. We check the surrounding areas and assess the extension of existing cracks.
  2. Appraise the sub-base layers of asphalt to evaluate the scope of damage.
  3. Extract damaged sections of the sub-base layers and replace with fresh asphalt.
  4. Reconstruct the surface. A new surface can extend the durability and life of your asphalt and assure no more alligator cracking. This step is usually considered if the previous extraction processes would no longer be the most cost-effective.