Pavement Maintenance: To Maintain or Not To Maintain


To maintain your pavement or not to maintain and as the line finishes, “that is the question?”

At times, it may be difficult to find an assured answer to this question, especially if you are not familiar with all aspects behind concrete maintenance.

As the property manager of your commercial or residential property, though, you are concerned with the the longitude of your concrete, from intentional and unintentional damage. Some of these induced elements include but are not limited to:

  • Oxygen
  • UV Heat
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Traffic

Though the average lifespan of your concrete and asphalt project can be anywhere from 20 to 30 years, the maintenance during this time is critical in preventative action against damage. These should take place intermittently every three to five years.

These are some main maintenance options you should consider during those periods of time:

Sealcoating the surface.

An average lifespan of pavement will include several seal coats. Sealcoating is applied either by squeegee or spray to the surface of the pavement slowing down the reduction process. It also protect the top layer from the above common elements of damage and even, color fading or decomposition.

Repairing cracks and fissures.

Cracks, whether great or minor, will spread and lead to further cracks or holes. While still isolated, it’s good to address these, while resources for repair are manageable. Crack fills the asphalt with moisture induced from natural elements and traffic. It affects the base layer and when it freezes, the damage expands. We offer an assessment for your concrete that can detect early sights needed of repair on cracks and alligator cracks. Our specially formulated material for fill reduces spread or further damage.

Replacing concrete.

Asphalt is classified by its chemical composition and physical properties. Our asphalt’s physical components contribute to its effectiveness.

Our process for replacing concrete sets us apart from other construction companies. Our Thermo-Lay hot asphalt paving truck allows us to quickly perform asphalt repair. This highly modern, efficient equipment allows us to do all our asphalt repair with one truck and two people. It’s the fastest and most efficient method available utilizing less labor and resources.

In addition, it allows us to keep asphalt at an even temperature and ready to use for a longer duration. This process is quicker and faster to complete the job than any other common methods used which require more equipment and resources. With us, you receive a superior service for less.

A Long-Term Plan for your Needs

At Atlas Construction, we provide you the best services fitting your project needs, with steady delivery and at a reasonable cost.

Atlas Construction has been operating in Denver, Colorado since 2010 and has gained the reputation as the best choice for all your asphalt, concrete and residential repair needs.

These are more common problem Atlas can assess for you:

  • Surface cracks
  • Grooves, fissures and rusting
  • Sinking or compaction
  • Potholes
  • Patches needed
  • Aggregate
  • Streaks and Fading
  • Uneven surfaces

Still not sure if you need maintenance? We can help you determine this and assess your property whether it be commercial or residential to give you the best option possible for your pavements’ needs.

Atlas Construction is your best choice for asphalt, concrete, and residential repairs in Denver. We also offer a free estimate!

Ensure your pavement maintenance plan with us. Today. Call 303.590.4555.