The ABC’s of Pavement Maintenance

abc pavement maintenance

A, B, C. 1, 2, 3. Installing commercial or residential pavement is one thing, but maintaining it is quite another. Often times, many property owners will skip this step, reasoning that maintenance is not necessary or can be put on the back burner. However is that true? How necessary is pavement maintenance? What can Atlas Construction offer you for your pavement needs? Keep reading and learn about our top paving techniques and why you need our expertise today. It all begins with A, B, C.

ASSURED SERVICES. Our advanced construction techniques ensures you receive the maintenance attention for your pavement needs. In comparison to other companies, Atlas provides you with a technique that helps your pavement last longer in the first place. Our Thermo-Lay Asphalt machine equipment allows us to do all our asphalt repair with one truck and a few select workers. This greatly reduces your and our resources’ to maintain and repair your concrete. This machine keeps an even, constant temperature through its work, allowing for a faster, more thorough and cost-effective surface lay. The result, is less need for immediate future maintenance.

BETTER SOLUTIONS. You may have heard of sealcoating and crack filling? At Atlas, we see the importance of regularly checking your pavement to see if you have problem areas that require this kind of attention. How do we do it?

At Atlas, we make use of techniques to fill your cracks with the most flexible material to strengthen and reduce natural exposure to further damage.  By applying sealant, we are able to maintain the integrity and strength of pavement while reducing the process of rust and decomposition. Replacing concrete at times, is the best solution. Our process for replacing concrete sets us apart from other construction companies. This process is quicker and faster to complete the job than any other common methods used which require more equipment and resources. As a result, we guarantee  a superior service for less.

Additional repairs can be costly, so we work early on to assess you area and detect any potential hazards to your pavement. These are more common problem Atlas can assess for you:

  • Surface cracks
  • Grooves, fissures and rusting
  • Sinking or compaction
  • Potholes
  • Patches needed
  • Aggregate
  • Streaks and Fading
  • Uneven surfaces

COMMITMENT TO YOU. At Atlas Construction, we provide you the best services fitting your project needs, with steady delivery and at a reasonable cost. Atlas Construction has been operating in Denver, Colorado since 2010 and has gained the reputation as the best choice for all your asphalt, concrete and residential repair needs.

At Atlas we get the job done right, perform in a timely manner, charge reasonably based on the project and most importantly work with you to fulfill your construction needs.

We are not just Atlas Construction. We’re Construction at it’s Best.

We can help you determine this and assess your property whether it be commercial or residential to give you the best option possible for your pavements’ needs.

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