Why Concrete? An Atlas Guide


Atlas Construction has extensive experience in using concrete to build commercial and residential properties. Through their variant uses of concrete within projects, Atlas is able to ensure stability and quality every time. But what are some of these methods of uses? And what difference is there between residential and commercial?

Atlas’ Methods

Parking Lots. Our expert team is able to quickly and accurately access your damaged areas and provide long-term solutions for your concrete repair. Contact us today so we can start accessing your property now. We are only a phone call away.

Curb Gutters. Curb and gutter damage are among the more common repairs needed in Colorado, especially with the cold, snowy months. Snow removal can actually further damage your curbs and gutters. We will give a quick look and provide an accurate quote for rehabilitation.

Sidewalks. Sidewalks can shift or settle over time, especially depending on the stability of the ground’s service beneath — at times, an equilibrium solution is needed. Atlas makes use of many of these including milling high trip hazards to complete removal and replacement.

Drain Pans. Installation if a drain pan can actually increase the lifespan of your concrete. Drain pans redirect any potential extra flow water out and avoids standing water damage to your lot.

High Traffic Area Replacements. When high traffic and heavy equipment constantly trek over the same area, damage and follow-up replacement is common. We can efficiently come to your repair aid and also install a high traffic concrete pad to prevent further damages.

Quikset Concrete Services. These services allow for a more expedient install timeline and avoid the issues associated with schedule demands for conventional concrete.

Residential vs Commercial

Most Denver concrete companies will tell you even the most well constructed concrete driveways are likely to succumb to wear and tear over time. If your concrete driveway needs some attention, our team is at your service. No matter the extent of the damage, we have the best tools and skills out of all your Denver concrete companies to get your driveway looking and functioning its best.

Long-Term Benefits  

1. Durability and Strength


Concrete is known for its durability and strength. Made up of a mixture of water, cement and sand, its aggregation is a result of the least moisture and increased amount of cement. It has a high density that grows stronger when dry and binds over time for the most stable foundation.

2. Low Maintenance


  Concrete doesn’t require much maintenance, though it should be inspected regularly to ensure strength and check for damaging areas or cracks. Atlas offers services in lifting of concrete and concrete restoration.

3. Environmentally sound


Concrete’s porous material allows natural moisture and water to saturate into the ground. This minimizes erosion and flooding. Concrete is also known to be able to withstand fires, hurricanes and tornadoes.

4. Manages Temperature


The properties in cement are able to withstand fires and reduces other causes of heat. It also lowers cooling costs, managing its own temperature.

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