Why Atlas Builds with Concrete Caissons


Atlas Construction Services has expertise with the problematic expansive soils in the Denver area. The team at Atlas has many years of experience with multiple solutions to expansive soils with using a variety of solutions. One of these is concrete caissons. What are caissons and what benefits does Atlas offer building with them for your commercial project?

Concrete Caissons

You may be wondering what caissons are and how they are used in the building and installation of concrete. Caissons in general, as you can see from the above example are boxlike or cylinder shaped structures used in construction projects that often involve the completion of work in areas affected by water or ground sinkage.

Often built to remain in place with the concrete, caissons are a building precaution that Atlas takes advantage of — caissons can be made from various materials, most often with reinforced concrete. These structures are built to strongly withstand extreme vertical and horizontal loads.

Types of Caissons

Types of caissons vary dependent upon project and scope. These different caissons aid in construction solutions for the installment and removal of concrete. The following are the top types of caissons used today:

Box caissons. Box caissons are concrete boxes with a closed bottom and open top. Their structure is cast before installation in order to be weighed down or sunk with the aid of additional concrete, gravel or sand. Box caissons are employed when the construction foundation is level and does not require additional excavation. Additionally, it is the most economical option and hence, most commonly used for commercial areas.

Open caissons. Open caissons are concrete boxes with an open bottom and open top. There are three different open caissons: single wall, cylindrical or with dredging walls. Each are created and used for different sinking levels of concrete and according to the excavation needs of each project.

Pneumatic caissons. Pneumatic caissons are concrete boxes with an open bottom and closed top. As a result, these allow for the creation of an airtight chamber used during excavation. Often times, this method is more complex and expensive. Therefore, pneumatic caissons are usually only built for a more complex, deep concrete laying project.

Project Benefits

The benefits of getting a project done right, performed in a timely manner and at a reasonable price are priceless. We promise to provide you the best services fitting your project needs, with steady delivery and at a reasonable cost.

Atlas Construction has been operating in Denver, Colorado since 2010 and has gained the reputation as the best choice for all your commercial concrete project needs. That’s because we employ advanced construction techniques, have extensive expertise for Denver-area services, extend the life of your concrete and provide free estimates!

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