The winters in the Denver area are harsh and unforgiving. They can be especially detrimental to walkways, driveways and other concrete fixtures. We have the experience and skills Denver concrete repair that can withstand the deep freezes, providing you with work that will last for many years to come. Whether you are looking at driveways or pool decks in the back yard, we are prepared to help you. In addition to pouring aprons, patios, pool decks and sidewalks with a traditional finish, we also offer stamping and stained or colored concrete as part of our Denver concrete repair services.

Concrete Services

Parking Lot

Whether your parking lot is concrete or asphalt, Atlas Construction has a team of experts who are ready to assess damaged areas and offer long-term solutions for Denver concrete repair.

Curb Gutters

With snow removal being a constant in the Denver area during the colder months, curb and gutter damage is a common problem. Give us a call and we’d be happy to come take a look and offer our Denver concrete repair services.


If you have a sidewalk that has shifted and settled over time, Atlas Construction has a variety of solutions from milling high trip hazards to complete removal and replacement.  We can take care of all your Denver concrete repair needs.

Drain Pan

Standing water is one of your parking lot’s worst enemies. The installation and proper maintenance of a Drain Pan can greatly increase the life of your parking lot by keeping the water heading the right direction. Give us a call and we’ll offer the correct solution for your waterlogged lot.

High Traffic Concrete Replacement

One of the bigger problems that we see regularly is where constant traffic and heavy equipment have damaged specific areas. We come prepared to offer solutions tailored to the issues your lot is having. Whether it’s repairing what’s in place or installing a high traffic concrete pad, Atlas Construction Services is your one-stop shop.

Quikset Concrete Services

Conventional concrete does take a little while to set-up properly before normal use can resume, and sometimes that doesn’t fit into the schedule that your business demands. We offer Quickset Concrete solutions for when the project demands a more expedient install timeline. Some more details on concrete

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