Why Should You Seal Your Pavement? 3 Potential Damages

Why seal your pavement?

Sealcoating benefits your concrete against three main causes of damage:

Sun Damage

Roads are subject to increases in temperature, due to natural and artificial heat during convocation with the surface. The surface layer of asphalt can reach a calefaction of 172 degrees Fahrenheit. This reaction with the material melts down the top layer which can result in sinking, potholes and cracks.

Sealcoating aids in the maintenance the integrity and strength of your asphalt. When you decide to sealcoat, you are adding a layer of sealant to the surface layer which acts as a protective solvent much like sunscreen does to our skin. Even more so the same, sealcoat will extend its longevity and slow down its aging process, that would result through its reduction.

Liquid/Moisture Damage

Pavement is extensively affected by natural elements of moisture (like rain and snow) leading to cracks, potholes and its base layer’s degradation. An accumulation of liquid pools seep into the pavement resulting in depression of the surface layer.

Sealcoat helps eliminate these issues and proactively prevent future ones from occurring. Potholes, sinking and alligator cracks can be avoided as a result of the application’s properties working against oxidation, chemicals and water penetration. In addition, this process will fortify the primary layer’s strength and durability against moisture.

Traffic Damage

Not usually thought an impairment, the travel of vehicles often leaves the mass beneath them affected. Larger traffic loads, oversized vehicles, including garbage and delivery trucks’, and tire tracks summate pressure on the pavement. Over time, this layer begins to oxidize and lead to cracks and decay in the road.

The wear and tear of natural and manmade elements greatly can affect the surface of the material. You can think of sealcoat as a barrier against these elements and also an abettor against friction, rust and skid. This process will greatly extend the life of your asphalt and  leave it with a clean, fresh appearance.

An average lifespan of pavement will include several seal coats. Sealcoating is applied either by squeegee or spray to the surface of the pavement slowing down the reduction process. It also protect the top layer from the above common elements of damage and even, color fading or decomposition. It is important to consider this service every 3-5 years to lengthen the lifespan of your pavement. Need help getting started?

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