Why Concrete? An Atlas Guide

Atlas Construction has extensive experience in using concrete to build commercial and residential properties. Through their variant uses of concrete within projects, Atlas is able to ensure stability and quality every time. But what are some of these methods of uses? And what difference is there between residential and commercial?

Atlas’ Methods

Parking Lots. Our expert team is able to quickly and accurately access your damaged areas and provide long-term solutions for your concrete repair. Contact us today so we can start accessing your property now. We are only a phone call away.

Curb Gutters. Curb and gutter damage are among the more common repairs needed in Colorado, especially with the cold, snowy months. Snow removal can actually further damage your curbs and gutters. We will give a quick look and provide an accurate quote for rehabilitation.

Sidewalks. Sidewalks can shift or settle over time, especially depending on the stability of the ground’s service beneath — at times, an equilibrium solution is needed. Atlas makes use of many of these including milling high trip hazards to complete removal and replacement.

Drain Pans. Installation if a drain pan can actually increase the lifespan of your concrete. Drain pans redirect any potential extra flow water out and avoids standing water damage to your lot.

High Traffic Area Replacements. When high traffic and heavy equipment constantly trek over the same area, damage and follow-up replacement is common. We can efficiently come to your repair aid and also install a high traffic concrete pad to prevent further damages.

Quikset Concrete Services. These services allow for a more expedient install timeline and avoid the issues associated with schedule demands for conventional concrete.

Residential vs Commercial

Most Denver concrete companies will tell you even the most well constructed concrete driveways are likely to succumb to wear and tear over time. If your concrete driveway needs some attention, our team is at your service. No matter the extent of the damage, we have the best tools and skills out of all your Denver concrete companies to get your driveway looking and functioning its best.

Long-Term Benefits  

1. Durability and Strength


Concrete is known for its durability and strength. Made up of a mixture of water, cement and sand, its aggregation is a result of the least moisture and increased amount of cement. It has a high density that grows stronger when dry and binds over time for the most stable foundation.

2. Low Maintenance


  Concrete doesn’t require much maintenance, though it should be inspected regularly to ensure strength and check for damaging areas or cracks. Atlas offers services in lifting of concrete and concrete restoration.

3. Environmentally sound


Concrete’s porous material allows natural moisture and water to saturate into the ground. This minimizes erosion and flooding. Concrete is also known to be able to withstand fires, hurricanes and tornadoes.

4. Manages Temperature


The properties in cement are able to withstand fires and reduces other causes of heat. It also lowers cooling costs, managing its own temperature.

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Fight the Cold: 3 Ways to Protect Your Pavement

Fight the cold! You’ve probably been doing a lot of that lately with the cold weather. Protecting your health, your house, your car. But what about your pavement?
How is it faring this season? Fight the cold with Atlas, as we give you the top 3 ways you can not only protect, but also preserve the life of your asphalt pavement this winter.

Address urgent repairs.
With the cold months arrived and settling in, those repairs you’ve been putting off could soon quickly turn into larger repairs or permanent damages. Think of these areas:

Potholes. Potholes can be caused by large amounts of moisture on the asphalt’s surface, with the addition of water affecting the underlying structure from the supporting soil down to the bottom road soil. Potholes will retain water from weather. The water will pool and expand, enlarging the pothole and its surrounding area. Repairing potholes while they are still new and small can reduce the likeliness of any serious problems.

Cracks. Like potholes, filling cracks in your concrete keeps water from seeping underneath the asphalt surface and filling its base. Read about our repair options.

Sealcoating. Sealcoating protects your asphalt and maintain its integrity and strength by slowing down the oxidation process.* The major benefit is providing safety from the harsh winter weather and change in temperature. It can greatly extend the life of your asphalt and leave it with a clean, fresh appearance. Learn more about Atlas sealcoating options.

Consider professional cleaning.
Another option to think about is hiring a professional cleaner, like a street sweeper to remove snow from your asphalt. This can be especially beneficial if you own a commercial property. Professional cleaners can remove large debris and reveal any vast structural issues.

Employ the right maintenance services.
Lots of maintenance options are available to you, here are a few to consider and some tips while choosing them:
Shovels. Shovels help you quickly and easily clear away snow. Certain shovels are designed with harder edges designed to scrape away at ice and harder material. Make sure though the shovels you are using aren’t damaging your asphalt by chip or scratching the surface.

Snow Removers. Similar to a street sweeper, professional services can be hired to remove snow on your commercial lots, with 24-hour availability and additional services offered including removal of excess snow and delivery of material road mixes.

De-icers. These are materials used as preventative measures against ice forming, creating slippery surfaces. Many different types of deicers are made for different purposes based on temperature and desired results. Knowing the difference is important, to protect your asphalt from erosion.

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*Oxidation is a process that takes place when asphalt is exposed to oxygen and causes its molecules to go through a bonding process where they self-assemble together creating an increasingly tighter bond overtime. The result on the asphalt material is a breakdown of element, causing the pavement to become stiff and brittle. Cracks also develop during the process and the asphalt lightens in color, eventually reaching grey color.


3 Budgets to Consider

Are you considering a pavement project? Are you in need of asphalt repair? With the changing of seasons and the effects of natural elements is it important to survey your asphalt needs. Here’s three different areas and their determining budgets:

Parking Lot
No matter the size of your parking lot, as a property owner or manager, maintaining your pavement can be stressful. You’ll need to take into account the current state your parking lot is in and the regular repair work it will need. Here’s a simple evaluation to take:
1. How many years old is your parking lot pavement?
2. When was it last restored or surveyed?
3. What is the distance of well-traveled areas and how are those areas holding up?
4. How has traffic and natural elements affected your pavement?

There are two things to budget for: preventative maintenance and major repairs. Breaking these down into two distinctive categories will help you measure your own work that needs to be done and how you can best extend the life of your pavement. Possible services needed could include: Crack Filling, Sealcoating and Striping, Concrete Flatwork.

Though at times, sidewalks make use of different materials, it’s important to have a plan for traditional or special paving treatments. Determining the best plan for a sidewalk usually works best if you first measure the amount of damage. Here’s some questions to consider:
1. Has your sidewalk become uneven or sunken down in certain areas?
2. Is it teared or cracked in due to prolonged time and elements?

Often instead of a full replacement, an easy fix of a specific area can be performed in one service. Budgeting for this leveling can save you almost half or more of the cost to replace. Possible services needed could include: Crack Filling, Sealcoating, Concrete Flatwork.

Whether for residential or commercial projects, driveways often need repair for sinks, cracks and/or full slab replacements. Often natural elements, including those from soil settling beneath, can affect the lifetime and appearance of a driveway. Here’s some things to consider:
1. Does your driveway need to be resurfaced?
2. Does it need a complete refinish?
Possible services needed could include: Crack Filling, Sealcoating, Asphalt.

At Atlas Construction, we can help you reduce your costs and get the most out of your blacktop or asphalt repair. Our experienced team can help you access your project and give you multiple option for repair and restoration. Atlas Construction has the tools and expertise to ensure a quality product for any paving project you have in mind. Regardless of the scope of your project, we can provide you quality, professional results.

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Atlas Construction: Standing Behind the Asphalt

At Atlas Construction, we understand the importance of reliable, fast services for asphalt repair and maintenance. We recognize that a variety of circumstances call for our expertise. Whether you’re looking to lay, maintain or repair your asphalt, you can trust Atlas to be able and ready to offer quality, reliable service.

Our process sets us apart from other construction companies. Our Thermo-Lay hot asphalt paving truck allows us to quickly perform asphalt repair. In addition, the Thermo-Lay equipment we use allows us to keep asphalt at an even temperature and ready to use for a longer duration. This process is quicker and faster to complete the job than any other common methods used which require more equipment and resources. Hence, we say with us you receive a superior service for less.

Asphalt is classified by its chemical composition and physical properties. Our asphalt’s physical components contribute to its effectiveness. Here are the most important considerations:

Endurance. Asphalt mix should hold an adequate film thickness amidst the aggregate particles. The mix should also not have high air voids, which accelerates age hardening. Depending on the age of its physical properties, it can begin a process called binding. Viscosity grading is actually based on these binding characteristics. This state results in an increased thickness, stickiness, and semi fluidity—which creates a more stiff and brittle mix. It’s important that the mixture have a high element of workability to be placed and compacted.

Security. When heated, asphalt gives off vapor, which is a common component of many materials. The higher the temperature, the higher increase in vapor release in concentration. Also, known as its flash point, it becomes highly flammable. For this reason, our crew takes extra safety precautions during these processes. The purity of asphalt also is important in its security. The more pure the asphalt properties are (when it contains a greater percentage of bitumen), the higher its quality and performance.

Resistance. Asphalt has to be resistant enough so that it will not distort or displace over time with heavy traffic loads and changes in temperature. Another factor is when it is subject to moisture— it must be able to withstand potential damage and have skid resistance from travel. The wear and tear of natural and manmade elements greatly can affect the surface of the material and move down into the mix. This can result in minimum to maximum damage.

You may be wondering, How can you extend the life of your asphalt?
It’s important to know when to repair your asphalt. Here are some top techniques we make use of and some keys to know when which ones right for you:

1. Sealcoating
Sealcoating can maintain the integrity and strength of your asphalt by slowing down the process of reduction, resulting in rusting. Our sealant can be applied by squeegee or spray. This process can also greatly extend the life of your asphalt. Is your pavement a fading black and the surface is decomposing? It’s time to get sealcoat!

2. Crack filling
Unlike rusting, cracking fills the asphalt with moisture induced from natural elements and traffic. It affects the base layer and when it freezes, the damage expands. Through our site assessment, we identify early cracks and fill with our specially formulated material that reduces spread. This can save you expensive maintenance and repair costs.

3. Striping
Striping your asphalt is the last but not the least important. We feel this is the final step that completes your investment. As part of our services, we offer this with a range of customized markings. Do you need to direct traffic and add safety precautions? We can do this for you and make sure you’re also ADA compliant.

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